At school with “ouRoute” to become cultural ambassadors!

At school with “ouRoute” to become cultural ambassadors!

How to promote the knowledge of local and national cultural heritage(s) among our students? At school with “ouRoute” to become cultural ambassadors!

The main objective of the European project “ouRoute” is to allow students aged 13-16 years old to learn about their cultural heritage, including tangible and intangible goods, in order to share their common origins and common values. From the beginning of the new school year 2019/2020, students from the “Alessandro Volta” high school in Palermo have been involved in a series of cultural workshops led by teachers Mrs Rosapiera Ribaudo and Mr Francesco Gabriele Polizzi, with the support of the CESIE association in Palermo. The project Consortium also includes one school from Spain and one school from Portugal. For the period November-December 2019, the activities developed within the project by each European partner school include: – A training program for students followed by a series of workshops about the cultural and intangible cultural heritage; – Study visits; – Interviews and focus groups with local artists and artisans, but also with youth and local associations dealing with cultural issues. Our students in Volta school are very proud of their work and happy to share this experience with their peers, learning more about the historical and cultural heritages (including the knowledge of the old & new arts & crafts) of Palermo and its surroundings. The represents also a good opportunity for dialogue and socialization among students of different classes and social backgrounds, promoting inclusion, cooperation and mutual help, protection and enhancement of Sicilian cultural heritage.

For more information on this initiative, partners and planned activities, please contact Alexandros Koukovinis ([email protected]) and Sara Brandão ([email protected])


Consortium: INOVA+, Casa do Professor, Câmara Municipal de Braga, Filmesdamente (Portugal), CESIE, Istituto Istruzione Secondaria Superiore Alessandro Volta, Comune di Palermo (Itália), Universidad de Murcia, Felipe de Bordon, Ayuntamento de Ceutí (Espanha); INnCREASE (Polónia).

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