A look at the Spanish focus group

A look at the Spanish focus group


Within the framework of the European project OuRoute and organized jointly by the City Council of Ceutí and the IES Felipe de Borbón of the same locality, a focus group was held in which GITE had the opportunity to participate.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the project’s partner institutions, representatives of culture linked to the municipality of Ceut√≠ and students from the centre, a large group in which the different views on the importance of cultural heritage were perfectly mixed. This diversity of views turned the meeting into an interesting debate on the importance of cultural heritage and the important role that young people can play in the conservation and dissemination of their cultural heritage, as well as the job opportunities that can be created by working towards this goal.

In the dialogue held throughout the meeting we were able to see the degree of involvement of all those attending and how the cultural history of the municipality and the different approaches from which to approach it are a learning opportunity for all those attending, especially for the students who will be involved in this project for three years. We highlight the approach made by Andrea Gómez, from the company Hop Ubiquitous, where technologies offer a very attractive approach to cultural heritage for the youngest population.

This type of intergenerational meeting makes it possible to create relationships that will undoubtedly facilitate the development of the project and above all the necessary involvement of the students. The passion with which the representatives of the cultural field talk about their experiences in Ceutí is mixed with the curiosity to learn from the younger participants, making them participate in the important role they have in the process of building and preserving their cultural heritage.

We are grateful for the excellent organization of the meeting by the City Council of Ceut√≠ and the IES Felipe deBorb√≥n, making us feel at home, as well as for the enthusiastic participation of all the attendees; the artist Torregar, the artisans Miguel Lucas, Arcadio Hern√°ndez Campillo, Ana Isabel Del Canto Rodr√≠guez and Otilia Mirete R√≥denas, the librarian Carmen Jara, the president of the Pe√Īa “El Tomate” of Ceut√≠, Reme Funes of the Local Action Group ADRI Vega Media del Segura, Valvanera Sanz, Santiago Mart√≠nez Alcolea of the Association Friends of the Caves, Andrea G√≥mez of the company Hop Ubiquitous and Purificaci√≥n Hern√°ndez, former councilor of the City Council of Ceut√≠.

For more information on this initiative, partners and planned activities, please contact Alexandros Koukovinis ([email protected]) and Sara Brand√£o ([email protected])


Consortium: INOVA+, Casa do Professor, C√Ęmara Municipal de Braga, Filmesdamente (Portugal), CESIE, Istituto Istruzione Secondaria Superiore Alessandro Volta, Comune di Palermo (It√°lia), Universidad de Murcia, Felipe de Bordon, Ayuntamento de Ceut√≠ (Espanha); INnCREASE (Pol√≥nia).

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